Low Cost PPC Service!

Pay-per-click has become the most effective, measurable and profitable marketing/advertising medium for online businesses. With growing number of business trying to increase their online presence, it's getting more tough to rank a website organically on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. However with the help of Pay-per-click method your business would stand out from the crowd and bring you desired profit.

PPC can be a DIY (do it yourself) job (with adequate technical knowledge) but it's better left to a professional. Hence it's important to choose an experienced PPC professional for your online campaign else you'll end up loosing money and frustration.

Why Low Cost?

Well the answer is pretty clear
   #1. You would spend more on the PPC campaign, less on service charge.
   #2. And to make PPC affordable for all businesses.

PPC Plan of Actions

  • Campaign setup
  • Keyword research
  • Set bids
  • Creative ad writing
  • Ad rotation
  • Find negative keywords
  • Delete non-performing keywords
  • Test new ads in ad groups
  • Test new ads every other week
  • Test a new landing page every other week
  • Weekend reporting
  • Do quarterly reviews of time based data

Different Types of PPC Ads

  • Text Ad

    Conventional PPC text ad.

  • Text Ad with Sitelinks

    PPC text ad with links to website pages.

  • Local Business Ad

    PPC text ad for local business.

  • Dynamic PPC Ad

    Dynamically generated PPC ad.

  • Product listing ads

    PPC ad for e-commerce aka online shopping sites.

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